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Patent Flipper

For patent agents, patent lawyers, engineers, designers and inventors... a quick way to skim (or "flip") through patent documents.

Patent Flipper screen shot USPTO D500000

A figure showing the results of a number search for the 500,000th design patent issued by the United States Patent and Trade Office.


A typical patent search over the internet requires you to enter your search, wait, get the results as a list of numbers, use the number to access a description on another page, and then use the description page to advance to another page with images. Then, if you have the appropriate viewing software, you can then view those images. With Patent Flipper you enter the search (or numbers obtained elsewhere) and are presented directly with visual results of the patents that you searched for.

Similar to the old "shoe" at the USPTO, Patent Flipper allows you to grab a number (even a classification!) of patents to flip through, so that you can quickly judge relevance by seeing what's on the patent's cover. Patent searches are performed and results are presented graphically. The first pages of patents are returned as images for the user to skim through as thumbnails, each of which can be enlarged for closer scrutiny. The thumbnails can be visually skimmed over and the larger format images can be flipped through. If desired the full patent may be viewed as well.


Don't dredge! Flip!

Patent Flipper Trial Version

To demonstrate the functionality of Patent Flipper a trial version has been released. The trial version provides number and search term searching for USPTO Design documents but with truncated search results.

Please enjoy your use of the trial version and if you like it, purchase the full version at your app store/market.

Obtaining Patent Flipper

Obtain Patent Flipper and its Trial Version for Smartphones and Tablets at app stores online.

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If Patent Flipper doesn't come up immediately, please search for Patent Flipper or diarobo.com.


Patent Flipper and its output do not constitute legal advice.

Patent Flipper is a simplified means of looking at patents through basic searching where possible and where document numbers are known. It is meant to provide quick results in situations such as brainstorming and discussion, where basic content is sufficient and/or more detailed and definitive searching means are not available or not convenient.

The software accesses data from various Patent Databases including the United States Patent and Trade Office, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization and others (collectively, the "Patent Offices"). DRI is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, reliability or timeliness of information acquired from third parties.

This product is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Patent Offices from which the patent and design related material is obtained.

The software is for information purposes only. Business decisions should not be made based on this search alone. The relevant documents in the Patent Offices should be consulted.

Professional assistance (such as from a patent attorney and/or a commercial search service provider) should be obtained before significant business decisions are made based on the information available through use of Patent Flipper.

Diastolic Robotics Incorporated and its officers ("DRI") accept no liability for errors or omissions in the material or data, or for any consequences arising from such errors or omissions, including any loss which may be incurred as a result of reliance on the accuracy or completeness of the material or data.


For feedback and questions please send email to: flipper@patentflipper.com

Version Notes

November 1, 2011

In response to comments from the first BlackBerry PlayBook users, resolution was increased for downloaded images. Previously images had been found to be blurry with illegible text. The resolution has been increased and text should now be clear with appropriate zooming.

November 16, 2011 December 14, 2012

Added ability to enter patent numbers as a range. For example, enterring "600000-600003" will retrieve patents 600000, 600001, 600002 and 600003.

Thank you for your comments and support.